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On this page, we list some of Jack's favorite groups and institutions -- especially those that have been helpful to him in his life and his philosophical development. If a Web site is available, it will be linked to from the organization name. Other contact information is provided in the description.

Organization Description
Healing Arts Alliance From their Web site, the Healing Arts Alliance:
  • is a network of health care practitioners who offer
    conventional and complementary or alternative services.
  • offers a forum for local healthcare professionals
    to share our expertise and educate each other about
    current knowledge, options and research in our specialties
  • provides descriptions of healing arts practices and lists
    member practitioners in the Tallahassee area
  • presents a variety of approaches to health and wellness
    in classes for the public as well as continuing education for
    healthcare professionals
  • sponsors specialists from outside the Tallahassee area
    for presentations and workshops
  • serves to connect patients, clients and healthcare
    professionals through consultations, a printed resource
    directory and our web site.
The site of this Tallahassee-based organization includes a list of members, with descriptions of individual practices and contact information for each.