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Traumatic Brain Injury


TBI survivors:

  • bj's closet: "dedicated to survivors and all who wish to learn more about traumatic brain injury," from a woman truck driver who "kept 'fighting' until I won my disability (almost 6 years from my wreck), and never gave up when someone acted like I was faking or that I was a 'mental case'"
  • Chris's Web: resource site and journal of an Army (82nd All-American Division) veteran who, while on active duty on "July 13th 2000... fell 2 ½ stories and suffered a massive brain injury, better known as a TBI closed head injury"
  • The Coma Diaries: from the wife of a TBI victim
  • Rhapsody Blue's World of TBI
  • A Mother's Journey Back: How does a child's -- even an adult child's -- TBI affect the child's mother? C. Dianne Lieber tells us.
  • nancynewfreedom: TBIs don't happen just to "somebody else." They don't happen just to soldiers. They strike even those with outwardly successful lives; some such people even manage to find gold nuggets in the experience. This blog helps understand some of those nuggets (and in the process, becomes one itself).

Especially for caregivers:

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