Jack's Book: A Journey in Progress


Heading into the 21st century, Jack determined to do what he could to offer an account of his experiences -- with life after TBI, and with the medical community -- to the outside world. He tasked his staff with interviewing him and organizing the information in his copious files, in order to present it as a book for interested readers.

The result -- still in progress, and published here on the Web as chapters become available -- is called simply Jack's Book. Part memoir, part exposé, Jack's Book is meant to be a personal and enduring resource for sufferers of traumatic brain injury, their caregivers, and indeed anyone interested in this life-changing condition... and in the state of managed health care in 21st-century America.

To navigate through the contents of Jack's Book:

Chapter Description
Prologue Derby Day, 1989. A wedding. A simple cross-town drive. An appointment in Samarra. And a life forever altered.
1 TBI shows me the first ominous signs of what's to come. And I have yet another wreck -- this one, the first of many with the medical community.

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