For over 50 years Jack Sisson has been a tireless advocate for social justice. He is an educator, author, entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist and community organizer.

Current Projects

Developing a web site/Blog for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) survivors, their loved ones and the larger medical community. The purpose of this Blog is to review alternative treatments and therapies for TBI and to have a forum for issues related to TBI. This web site contains discussion and resources to social issues, bioethics and numerous other topics.

Participating in The National Bioethics Committee at Georgetown University. He is currently working on a publication regarding the proper care of the vulnerable and marginalized in our society.

Organizing an online forum for world wide Quaker discussion.

Participating with the First Amendment Foundation in an action suit in an effort to bring quality medical care to North Florida and challenging state agencies to "govern in the sunshine."

Designing and Funding Research for touch therapy and its effect on TBI.



Jack Sisson served our country as a paratrooper and Regimental Public Information Director for the 52nd Army Battalion in the 1940s. Following military service, he studied engineering at the University of Illinois and received a B.A. in Mathematics at Duke University[top]


After graduating from Duke he was employed by General Electric in the Business Training Program. There he received formal study and on the job training in Accounting and Management. [top]


Jack Sisson played a pivotal role in the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s.


1960-1963 Escambia County (FL) Community Council, School and Lunch Counter Integration Committee
1964-1972 Member of the Louisiana Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.
1965-1970 Steering Committee Member, Southern Interagency Conference of the southern Regional Council.

Human Service

1963-1969 Established and directed the New Orleans Archdiocesan Catholic human Relations Commission.
1963-1969 Director of the National Catholic Conference for Interracial Justice, Southern States Office. This organization was an important participant in the 1963 March on Washington, and the Selma march in 1965.

John Sisson worked directly with Dr. Martin Luther King and many others to desegregate hospitals, schools and communities in the South. [top]


Administrator for the State of Florida Deparrtment of Health and Rehabilitative Services. He set up the legislative liaison office and was the assistant director of The Department of Children and families (DCF). This agency serves more than one million clients connecting them with the resources needed for daily subsistence. Jack Sisson additionally helped to establish the Vietnamese Refugee program.

1976-1978 MemberArticles of the Florida State Manpower Council
1978 Helped Organize Planned Parenthood of Tallahassee
1974 Tree Farmer, Escambia County


Jack was involved in a number businesses and private enterprise. Additionally became a director of master's candidates at Florida State University. During this time he took course work at FSU in real estate, art, political philosophy and psychology.

In 1989 Jack Sisson was injured in an automobile accident. As a result he suffered TBI, psychological, dental, pulmonary and orthopedic damage. Since his HMO would not provide case management, he learned to manage his own treatment and his own pain, which at times was at 200%. [top]


A decade of recovery.

Advocating for patient rights and proper plans of medical care is just a continuation of Jack Sisson's dedication to equality and social justice. His aim is to reach out to others who have suffered TBI. This Blog provides a forum for TBI patients and their loved ones to exchange effective treatments, find links to TBI resources, give advice and to build a culture of TBI survivors that is conducive to healing. Please join in on this important discourse. [top]


Jack was recognized by Florida State University for his ongoing contributions to FSU's research into TBI and related issues.


Interested in learning more about Jack's personal life? See the page we've set up for just this topic.

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