Jack's Personal Life

Jack has led a full personal life, aside from the professional, activist, and philosophical accomplishments documented on his main Biography page.

The picture of the factory setting at the top of the page depicts New Port Industries in Pensacola, FL. Jack's father worked for the firms for around 50 years; at this location, they made resins from pine stumps at super heat. Jack says his dad "liked the grime and rust."

Jack believes, though, that the gray external appearance of the site masked what was, for his dad, a sense of peace, happiness, and fulfillment; with this in mind, Jack commissioned a painting of the site which more closely depicts the mill as his dad saw it with his heart and soul (click to see full-size original):

Jack has a daughter, Stephanie (with Jack in the photo at the left) and son-in law Kent Gregory. Their children, Jack's grandchildren, are John Kenton, Mary, and Livia. Kent and John Kenton are shown in the photo at the right, and all three grandchildren appear in the photograph below.

Jack's closest friend for many years was the late Nancy Reid Gunn, of Tallahassee. Nancy was a talented painter. Like Jack himself, she never let age or disability (Nancy was blind) get in the way of a rich and varied life in the arts and the world.


Jack is a member of the monthly meeting of the Tallahassee Quakers (Religious Society of Friends). He has always strived to lead his life as depicted in this quotation from an "What Friends Believe" pamphlet as recorded at the Tallahassee Quakers site:

The basis of Quaker life and practice is the conviction that there is something of God's spirit in us all: that every soul can have immediate communion with God.

...[Quakerism] involves an attempt to accept literally the command to love God and one another. It rules out war. It recognizes evil but meets it with that active good will which outlasts it or transforms it. Such beliefs have involved sacrifice and much suffering.

To have found a religious community sharing these beliefs has been for Jack a source of inspiration, encouragement, and wonder.

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